Governor supports tapa, tattoo festival

National, Normal

The National, Thursday October 31st, 2013

 NORTHERN Governor Garry Juffa is supporting the Oro Tapa and Tattoo festival to be held next month in Popondetta because it promotes its culture.

Juffa said it was important to showcase the culture that was slowly dying and once the pride of Northern people. 

He urged the people to be proud of their culture and sense of belonging by supporting the cultural show.

He said the festival would become an annual event as part of cultural and tourism activities to increase economic opportunities for the people in the province.

Juffa said the festival would showcase the cultural heritage and natural talent hidden in every Northern people. “Apart from the famous Alexander butterfly, the Kokoda Trail and Bloody Buna, history is there to show to the people of PNG,” he said.

He encouraged people to “respect ourselves before we expect others to respect us, considering our values. Modern technologies and adopted theoretical education are becoming destructive knowledge”.

He said the culture passed down from our forefathers must be treasured and passed on. 

“While we have the ability to stand up and say no to destruction of our mind, heart and body through external influences, we must boldly stand up to preserve our cultural identity,” Juffa said.