Governor thanks bank for setting pace in developing nation

The National,Wednesday June 15th, 2016

MOROBE Governor Kelly Naru has thanked Bank South Pacific (BSP for setting the pace in the development of PNG by helping businesses to prosper.
He made the comments at the opening of Kai Mart, a locally owned supermarket in Lae last weekend.
Naru said BSP was a major player in providing financial aid to help small businesses achieve their goals.
He said Kai Mart’s success would be an inspirational story to many locally-owned businesses that had been struggling to compete with foreigners.
He said BSP stood out among other banks by providing financial aid to Kai Mart when other banks refused to help.
“It is a milestone achievement for local entrepreneurship, therefore more locals are encouraged to venture into supermarket business.”
He said most Papua New Guineans were only participating in business such as PMV’s and real estate while leaving other businesses to foreigners.
He said major banks in the country should assist local people run their business by providing loans to them
Naru said banks in the country should not let politics prevent them from helping local businesses and they should assist without favour.
Bonnie Kainge, the managing director of Kai Mart, said he had difficulties accessing financial help from commercial banks, however, BSP has helped him after several attempts.