Governor to inspect flood-ravaged region

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EAST Sepik Governor Peter Wararu is due to inspect the flood-ravaged communities of the Sepik River today.
Mr Wararu, Correctional Services Minister Tony Aimo, whose Ambunti-Dreikikir electorate covers a large part of the river, and administrator Samson Torovi, were briefed on Wednesday about threats to lives and property caused by the rising water level – the worst since 2003.
Health secretary Dr Clement Malau’s Malu village is one of many river communities affected.
Dr Malau, who was in Wewak this week, said another big river community, Kambaramba in Angoram electorate, was so badly affected that people were raising their homes to avoid being inundated by
the flood waters.
The Sepik River has been flooding since the beginning of this year.
Also under water is the river port of Iniok where building and construction materials for the multi-billion Frieda River gold and copper mine are unloaded.