Governor urged to prioritise projects


GULF is one of the least developed province in Papua New Guinea.
Yet its Governor Chris Haiveta has proposed for a Transnational Highway linking Morobe and the Highlands regions (last parliament sitting, 2020).
The governor’s one man proposal is unethical, has no logic and is not supported by the people of Gulf.
Firstly, the governor should consider developing the province.
The Gulf people want their governor to address serious issues such as;

  • Maintaining and building of new public servants houses in Kerema town, Malalaua, Kotidanga, Murua, Ihu, Baimuru and Kikori (districts);
  • Reviving rundown, deteriorating aid posts and constantly supply genuine medicinal drugs and related necessities;
  • Sealing intersections, most parts of the trans-highway and fix feeder roads in the province; and,
  • Renovate and build new classrooms for all deteriorating primary, high and secondary schools. Same applies to teachers’ housing and supply of learning materials.

Education is a sensitive issue that has been neglected by Gulf MPs.
Deteriorating airstrips in Kaintiba, Ihu and Baimuru has been long forgotten. Poor police presence in all districts.
By now build five police houses in all districts.
Policemen/women should be well equipped to maintain and curb law and order respectively.
The stated and other relating issues of the province should be considered before proposing for a transnational highway.
Services have being forthcoming with empty promises and the Gulf people have not seen tangible transformation in the province for over 25 years.
The only change in Gulf is the trans-highway which was an initiative by former Kerema Open MP Late Tom Koraea proposed in the 1980s.
The Governor should now be aware on the importance of developing the province first.
Surely, any MP serving their second and third terms in office should automatically know their duties and responsibilities.
Governor, your responsibilities in bringing tangible changes to the province is yet to be proven and recognised.

Karu eh
Kerema Lives Matter

One thought on “Governor urged to prioritise projects

  • If he hasn’t brought about changes in infrastructural development entire time he was in Parliament, why then did you continue long votim such recycled leaders? Lon lon blon yupla ol kerema ino save liklik!
    YOU ALL GULF PEOPLE SHOULD HOLD YOUR HEAD IN SHAME! Yupla painim ol man lon bringim services ikam na yet continue lon regionalisim ol outsiders with potential who have the HEART to really make the difference.
    We have to start making decisions based on Leadership qualities, education, experience and not on family relations, wantok systems. This has gotten us no where!

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