Governor urges Papuan MPs to unite in development effort

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 04th April, 2013

MILNE Bay Governor Titus Philemon has called for a stronger and united approach by southern MPs to demand more development in the region.
Philemon said the opportunity for a united front by the region’s MPs had never been better because they were all part of the ruling coalition government.
“This is a history setting situation, when all the southern region MPs are part of the government. But more importantly the opportunity is now best for us leaders from the region to demand for development for our region,” he said.
“I call on fellow Governors of Western, Gulf, Central and Northern and our colleague MPs and government ministers to work as a united team to demand for development opportunities we have lost or foregone in the past.”
He said the government had approved funding for the development of Central City, the new headquarter of Central province.
“We have major development agendas in our provinces. But if we continue to push on individually we will not succeed. We have to work together,” he said.
He said for Milne Bay, major development projects such as Woodlark, Mwatebu, new Misima mines, the Compulsory Pilotage and Environment management of the international shipping lanes needed the support of the provinces’ leaders.
Philemon traveled to Misima yesterday for discussions on the new semi-mechanised alluvial mining project being mooted by a Korean company, as well as a proposed new mining lease by Galipoli Mines.