Governor urges villagers to farm land, eat healthy


CENTRAL Governor Robert Agarobe is advising villagers to use the state of emergency period to farm their land.
Agarobe called on villagers to concentrate on farming instead of travelling to town to buy sugar and rice which was also putting themselves at risk of being infected by the coronavirus.
He said eating fresh food from the garden was better than buying junk food from the shops.
“It could be a good way too for young people to learn their traditional way of living by making gardens, growing crops and storing them for later use,” he said.
Agarobe supports the Government’s move to repatriate people doing nothing in Port Moresby to their villages to farm their land.
He also said more awareness should be done on food security.
So people store their food in the traditional ways their forefathers used to practice,” he said.
“People of Central doing nothing in the city should go back home,” Agarobe said.
“You had been living in the city and seen what kind of food and crops are needed in the city.
“I encourage you to go home, work on your land and supply the people in the city with your fresh produce.”

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  • Thanks Central Governor – good encourage and best vital point. All other Governors please see and apply to your province, towns as well.

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