Governor:extended counting disrupted New Ireland Day

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The National, Wednesday 25th July, 2012

NEW Ireland Governor-elect Sir Julius Chan, is disappointed extended elections counting disrupted preparations for a formal celebration of New Ireland Day on Monday which coincided with Remembrance Day.
 Sir Julius said in a statement yesterday the New Ireland provincial government had recently been declared with all Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) elected members recognized by the people.
 “However, despite the disruptions, New Irelanders should have taken pride in marking our
provincial day while at the same time contemplating their unique effective people’s government.
“Therefore, treat each day of your life as New Ireland Day and a blessing and not just on July 23”, Sir Julius said.The governor urged the people to work towards improving the standard of living for rural villa­gers. This would create a more satis­fying future through improved basic services.” he said