Govt’s duty to look after police

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your report about a local contractor upgrading roads in Southern Highlands province donating six tyres to a police highway patrol unit.
Last week, The National carried a similar report about Bintangor Trading Company in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, donating a set of uniforms to the police.
Time and again, we read about our police asking the people, who report crimes, to pay for gas and other logistic support to attend to their complaints.
We cannot blame the police, who work under trying conditions, to do their job not because they are well paid, but because they have sworn to give their best.
It is a shame for our policemen and women to ask the people to help them carry out their job.
It is the Government’s responsibility to ensure our policemen and women are given the necessary resources to carry out their duties.
The Government cannot beat its chest and say everything is in order.
If the Government is concerned about combating law and order problems throughout the country; then it must provide the resources throughout PNG.
Something is definitely not right when our policemen and women are forced to turn to the people and business houses to keep them going.


David Ulg Ketepa
Detroit, Michigan