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IALIBU-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill has accused the Government of “printing hundreds of millions of Kina” in government cheques to “buy political support”.
He said in a statement yesterday that this was revealed to him by public servants who feared that they were being coerced into an illegal activity.
“It has been revealed that the departments of Finance, Treasury and National Planning are printing cheques that are attempts by the government to use public funds to buy political support,” O’Neill said.
He said Prime Minister James Marape was “increasingly desperate” to stop MPs from leaving his coalition government, thus, is going to distribute the cheques to them and their supporters.
No comment could be obtained last night from the PM’s office on the allegation by O’Neill.
But Marape said this week he had never been involved in any “instance of corruption” while in office.
“I uphold the dignity of the office of the prime minister,” he said.
O’Neill said the allegation had emerged from public servants “fearful that they are being coerced into illegal activity”.
O’Neill said Marape was recently heard on audio tape saying he would “divide K500 million between up to 60 MPs”.
“The country has already heard what Marape promised MPs in the secretly recorded audio last week,” O’Neill said.
“He has since admitted that it was his voice but refused to answer any questions about the scandal.
“But what is clear in the audio is that Marape is promising every MP who sides with him around K8 million each.”
Marape said he was quoted out of context during a public works meeting where he was explaining the rolling out of Government programmes this year.


  • If opposition are serious I would like them to put forward Hon. Dr. Allan ToMarat as the alternate PM when Parliament resumes on 1 December.
    Commentaries from a few prominent lawyers convince that supreme court order parliament to convene on 1 December.

  • Sometimes it is better not to say things than say something without realising that you put your own laundry out to dry. Just remember one fact, in these last days no secret will be left hidden.

  • A true government will overhaul the entire government systems from national to the districts LLG so that every PNG will equally benefits…..

    Instead they are playing blame games over and over just to feed their followers.

    Its been 40 plus years since independence and all our districts LLGs are still struggling for a better government services….

  • PMJM, people are in support of you and your government. The accusation made by PO is out in the public for consumption (that’s what PO is too good at, diverting blame and attention). I recommend PMJM to come clear and let the people know if the accusation is true or false.

  • I bow my head in silence and ask for God’s protection upon the honest and young vibrant leaders in PM JMarape’s government. What we are witnessing is the work of Devil. Those who fled the Government and decided to join PO and BN camp in Vanimo are a bunch of crook politicians. They knew that it won’t be long the law will catch up with them because of misuse of funds . It is obvious that they want to destroy BKramer and JMarape because they are fighting corruption without fear and favor. PM Marape and my Member for Madang Open, BKramer, the people of PNG are behind you. Stand Firm! GOD ALMIGHTY is right behind you.

  • Skyte. What kind of evidence do you want. What about the recorded voice of Marape promising mps of K80 million each. He admitted that it was his voice

  • Shame on you all power hungry so called leaders and constitutional rapists.You break the laws and then run to the courts to seek refuge.You do not seem to cement a long lasting allegence with your coalition partners to serve a full term.You cause the havoc and then use the simple excuse by using the catch phrase of “doing it in the best interest of my people .

    The common everyday Papua New Guiean’s interest lies in a policies that will work to create jobs,alleviate poverty,improve living standards in our rural environment, create economic prosperity, etc.. All these will contribute to reducing law and order problems. Instead you attempt to snatch power amongst yourselves for your selfish gains and political ego.

    Our laws should be reviewed and changed so ordinary Citizens can elect the PM to stop all these nonsense we are witnessing today, whereby they abuse Government processes by their corrupt doings to be in power.

    PNG is bigger than your political ego’s!!

  • The formation of Government straight after the General Elections and during The Vote of no Confidence ocassions is PAYDAY for all Members of Parliament who are paid in Million big time for their support, either way. To avoid detection, they are paid through third parties – through their business accounts, or their cronies or through other third party means. Therefore it is very hard to trace these transactions. Some MPs who switch alliances today to the opposition and tomorrow back to the opposition are paid double – double crossing, double dipping, etc. You know a clear example of this type of MP I am referring to.

  • By going through the comments here, I see that most people are supporting the current government (PMJM), unlike the past years when literally no one wanted to support PMPO for his corrupt dealings which nearly sold this country.

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