Govt aim to upgrade roads

National, Normal

The National,Monday 11th of February, 2013

THE government is committed to build, improve and upgrade major infrastructure in the country, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has told parliament.
He said the government allocated more than K80 million for the project and national highways such as Hiritano and Magi would receive equal amounts of assistance from the national government to fix them.
He said the money would be appropriately distributed to improve highways, wharves, airports and communication infrastructure throughout the nation and key areas would be prioritised.
“Do not think that I’m from the Highlands and I’m giving more there,” the prime minister said.
“We must know that the highway caters for half the population and the major investments in the country.
“The road has deteriorated as a result of the heavy movement of vehicles and therefore we have to maintain the highways which are important for the country’s economy,” O’Neill said.
He said the government would release the funds to the Works department for immediate road programmes.
A contractor has been appointed to work on the Bereina Malalua road and O’Neill will ask the Works department to supervise the work.
All improvements and road maintenance came under the National Road Authority and it will be responsible for them, he said.
O’Neill said the government was prioritising key areas of work and would continue to fund the Southern Highlands-Gulf and Hela-Southern Highlands-Gulf highways.