Govt and civil society organisations vow to achieve millennium goals

National, Normal

THE partnership policy framework (PPF) will enable the Government to utilise the civil society organisations’ (CSO) existing network to implement some of its development programmes toward achieving the millennium development goals (MDG).
National Planning and District Development Minister Paul Tiensten said this at the signing of the (PPF) yesterday.
The PPF was initiated by Mr Tiensten based on the recognition by Government that CSOs had the potential to effectively contribute to development.
CSOs and churches in particular have a crucial role in the development process as innovative agents for change and social transformation both in the rural and urban areas.
Mr Tiensten said the aim of the partnership was three-fold.
Firstly they must establish a genuine and lasting CSO-Government development partnership, secondly they must find ways to effectively address socio-economic challenges and finally to improve the implementation of Government policies and services. 
Mr Tiensten hoped, through this partnership, the Government would also help in building the capacity of CSOs.
Trade Union Congress (TUC) president Michael Malabag said at the signing that CSOs had turned up with one intention to join the Government to serve people.
“We CSOs go down to the roots of the people where the Government does not.
We sometimes criticise the Government but our criticisms are for genuine reasons and on behalf of the people.
He said one of trade union’s roles was to be transparent.
National Council of Women president Scollar Kakas Warai thanked the Government for the initiative saying: “We’ve been suffering and struggling in silence and begging for help from the Government for a very long time.
“ This is truly a timely aide for us.
“We don’t see any reason why we can’t have access to resources we rightfully own.”
She said she would like to see a strong partnership between the Government and the CSOs and asked the minister to urge donor agencies “to put their money where their mouth is”.
“Use us (CSOs) and you’ll get your results,” she said.
The PPF was signed by the minister, his secretary Joseph Lelang, Mr Malabag, PNG TUC general-secretary John Paska and Mrs Warai.