Govt applauded for recognising importance of women’s education

Highlands, Normal

A MOTHER has applauded the National Department of Education and Unicef for recognising the importance of education for girls.
Mokpate’e Mogea, a leader from Alkena village in the Tambul-Nebilyer district, Western Highlands province, applauded the two agencies last Friday at the presentation of school club equipment to three child friendly schools (CFS) in the district by Unicef.
Mrs Mogea said she was pleased with the accelerated girl’s education (AGE) and CFS initiated by the national government through the department of education, supported by Unicef.
“I am happy that the Government has recognised the significance of girls and women to be equal partners in development and nation building.
“For so long PNG women have been treated as second class people who are seen as not capable in male dominated fields.
“Now that the Government and the United Nations have recognised AGE, more girls are encouraged to seek better education and be competitive and equal partners,” she said.
Alkena Primary School deputy headmaster Teng Kulako said girls should be given fair treatment in all aspects of life.
“We should do away with the second class mentality and give girls the right to have access to education like their male counterparts.
“Through AGE, there have already been many success stories.
“Some girls who have been staying home due to low self-esteem were enrolled at the three CFS schools and are now furthering their education in secondary schools,” he said.
“Since the introduction of AGE in 2004, the number of girls enrolled in schools has increased.
“Now we have equal numbers of enrollment for girls and boys,” he said.
UNICEF provincial coordinator for Western Highlands Jerome Polino was impressed with the implementations of AGE and the CFS, a programme assisted by Unicef.
Mr Polino, while delivering additional equipment for the three CFS in Tambul, Yano and Alkena, said Unicef would maintain its partnership with the provincial government to ensure the programmes were successfully implemented.
Mr Polino presented the  primary school with lawn movers, guitars,  sewing machines and much more.