Govt called on to recognise marginalised groups

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MEMBERS of parliament have been called on to recognise the needs and rights of people living with HIV (PLHIV) and other marginalised groups.
PLHIV and marginalised groups of people including sex workers and men who had sex with men (MSM) are appealing to their MPs to support them in their areas of need that they too may have equal opportunities just as other citizens.
Participants of the second PLHIV summit in Port Moresby expressed this at the last day of their meet yesterday during a presentation by National AIDS Council Secretariat director Wep Kanawi on political leadership.
He said it was important for leaders to support PLHIV in the response to HIV/AIDS because MPs looked after money and the policies and it was the people who voted them into parliament.
Kanawi made a comparison of the interest in the response to HIV/AIDS by leaders from the highest to the lowest level.
He said leaders at the high levels were less interested in HIV/AIDS issues while there was more interest among the lower levels.
“That’s the reality of leadership in PNG. People expect them (MPs) to be interested, we expect them to be interested, understanding and to have empathy,” he said.
“We want them to be ‘with us’, to be a common denominator like us at ground level,” he added.