Govt called to fix roads to allow services to flow

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PEOPLE from Imuagoro village outside Kwikila station in Rigo, Central, are urging Government to upgrade their road and bring basic services to their community.
Village community chairman, Malai Lalai, said Government and MPs had neglected this electorate for many years.
“One of our biggest concerns is the road conditions,” he said.
“There are two main bridges and during rainy season, high water sweeps away these bridges easily.
“It takes a day or two for the flood waters to lower.
“When it does, local men chop tree trunks to rebuild the bridges again.
“If the rain continues, it forms thick mud. People have to walk 18km to the Kwikila station and back with their cargoes.
“The local community is left vulnerable. We have to travel to the nearest station or to the city to look for proper medical treatment or other basic necessities.
“For so many years we have been doing this over and over again.
“We are wondering when this will stop.”
Lalai said that over the past 15 years, their MPs had done nothing to improve road conditions or bring other basic services.
He said the Imuagoro village has a population of over 2000 men, women and children.
Lalai, who is also board chairman of Vatugoro elementary and primary schools, said classrooms, teachers’ houses and school ablution blocks needed maintenance.
He said six teachers’ houses and two classrooms needed proper maintenance.

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