Govt called to upgrade hospital


ON behalf of the staff of Laloki Psychiatric Hospital, I commend the Government’s commitment through the Health Department to fund Eda Ranu’s pipeline to the Hospital currently underway.
For over 20 years, the hospital has been using contaminated bore water.
I thank all responsible for making this project a reality.
During the two weeks of a sitting protest staged by the Laloki Psychiatric Hospital staff last March, there was a surprise visit by then minister for Health Sir Puka Temu.
Sir Puka supported the staff action stating in any hospital, there has to be clean and safe drinking water readily available to the staff and patients as per World Health Organisation standards.
The then Peter O’Neill government made a commitment to upgrade the Hospital under a PIP-Project this year.
I call on Prime Minister James Marape and Health Minister Jelta Wong to implement the commitment made by the previous government.
Laloki Psychiatric Hospital is the only national psychiatric referral hospital in the country.
It has been forgotten and overlooked as far as tangible developments of infrastructure and staff housing is concerned.
The sole function of the hospital is to care for those that are rejected and neglected by society.
Probably that is a reason why the institution is not seen as a priority.
It takes a very special person to work in a psychiatric hospital to care for and live among the mentally ill.
The current infrastructure was built 50 years ago and have not had any major renovations except a few new buildings funded by the Health Department over the last five years.
The wards and staff houses have deteriorated over the years, causing unconducive and unhygienic living environment for the staff.
The wards are unconducive for mentally ill patients to live in.
Despite all the odds, the staff have faithfully served the mentally ill population of this nation.
We call on the Government to overhaul the staff compound and the ward.
Rehabilitate facilities as per a PPP project which was drafted and submitted in 2014 for the hospital’s re-development and build new staff houses.
We call on Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo and Central Governor Robert Agarobe to support this worthy call.

Jeffrey Alphonse Jambik,
Clinical Nursing Supervisor,
Laloki Psychiatric Hospital

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