Govt committed to new provinces, says Zurenuoc

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The National, Friday 14th September 2012

CHIEF Secretary Manasupe Zurenuoc says the government is committed to providing the necessary help to ensure the newly established Jiwaka and Hela provinces reach maturity.
Zurenuoc said this while witnessing the swearing-in of Jiwaka Provincial Assembly members at Banz station yesterday.
“When I was a Secretary for the Department of Provincial and Local Level Government Affairs, we worked hard to ensure Jiwaka and Hela get their own provinces and we have achieved that,” he said.
“We, as a Government, will continue to work side by side with both provincial administrations to ensure their visions and programmes are accomplished.
“I thank the previous government under the leadership of Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare and the O’Neill Government for making this dream come into fruition.
“I thank the Jiwaka Transitional Working Group and others who have contributed enormously to fulfil this promise.
“I promised to you two years ago that one day the sun will rise in Jiwaka and this is the day,” Zurenuoc said.
He said Jiwaka became part of the original provincial system that intended to give more power to the people.
“Today I officially witness the swearing-in of your own provincial assembly members for the first time and I am more than happy to celebrate this historical event with you,” he said.
 “We have to make sure that the system of service delivery works,” he at all levels,” he said.
“In the past 37 years, many provinces have achieved successful results while many have not.
“You Jiwakans have the opportunity to learn from those experiences as they will assist you improve your province.
“You are in a unique position to develop your own province and I urge you all to make the administration function as the government stands with you to bring services closer to the people.
 “We have to make sure that the system of service delivery works at all levels,” he said.
 in order to fully achieve our visions,” he said.
Jiwaka Transitional Authority director Nick Kuman said Jiwakans recognised and appreciated the great work done by Zurenuoc to make Jiwaka Province a reality.
Minister for Finance James Marape presented K3 million to the Jiwaka provincial administration to help it start its administrative programmes.