Govt depts let us down dismally

Letters, Normal

While I commend the parliamentary task force looking into anti-Asian issues in our country, I doubt it will effectively implement the findings.
Why I say this is because we already have departments such as Immigrations, Customs, Labour and others who are supposed to work in a transparent and coordinated way to deal with most of the issues covered in the terms of reference.
If these departments had done their jobs, I think therewould be no need for the parliamentary task force to waste taxpayers’ money in duplicating their roles. It is a shame these departments failed to play their part in the first instance.
From the reports so far, one thing is obviously clear to everyone – PNG does not have the capacity and is overwhelmed.
As soon as foreigners enter our country, they develop different strategies to prolong their stay and pursue their interest.
Asians marrying local people and whatever else they do is part of the strategy to avoid being caught.
For instance, when officers from police, Labour and Immigration departments made a combined raid, it was observed an Asian business house in the Highlands developed a simple but practical strategy to protect their Asian employees whose work permits had expired or entered the country illegally.
The company swapped its illegal employees from Goroka with legal Asian employees from Mt Hagen and vice versa.
Others were told to stay home for the day.
It is also obvious that the company had been tipped off about the raid earlier to allow it to bring workers from Mt Hagen.


Bomai Witne