Govt gives K5 million to flood victims

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The National, Tuesday 28th August, 2012

CABINET has approved K5 million for flood-related help to the Jabem-Mape area of Finschhafen, Morobe.
Continuous rain in Morobe in the past two months caused major flooding in some parts, causing many food gardens, houses and cash crops to be covered by water.
Morobe Deputy Governor Morokoi Gaiwata said in Lae yesterday rain had subsided but people affected by the floods needed help until they could re-build houses, gardens and return to normal life.
He said the Morobe provincial government had spent K500,000 so far on food supplies, tarpaulins and other basic necessities, while the Red Cross was the first on hand with tarpaulins and fresh water containers.
The Morobe provincial administration submitted a report to speaker and member for Finschhafen Theodore Zurenuoc, Works Minister Francis Awesa and Fisheries Minister and Tewai-Siassi member Mao Zeming.
Some parts of his electorate have been affected by heavy rain.
 The national disaster office in Port Moresby has allocated an additional K500,000.
Morobe provincial authorities have submitted two reports to the Works secretary for the rehabilitation of damaged roads and bridges in the area.
Gaiwata said the K5 million approved by cabinet would be used for short-term remedial infrastructural work.
He said more money would be needed to relocate bridges that had been damaged and repair and re-route roads.
“On behalf of the people of Finschhafen and Morobe, I’d like to thank the government and national disaster office for their quick response to our plea for assistance,” he said.
He reiterated his call to all 10 Morobe parliamentarians to contribute towards the provincial disaster coffers, saying: “Morobe is prone to natural disasters and you never know which electorate or local level government area will be next hit.”