Govt has done a lot, citizens should help


I see the Government, under the leadership of our God fearing Prime Minister James Marape, is doing a good job for the country and its people.
If we all look closely to all good work this Government is doing, we should help in our own ways to help them make decisions and policies to make money for our country.
During the time of the late Sir Michael Somare, his Government did make a lot of money for the country.
The next Government spent money left, right and centre leaving the country almost broke that we had to borrow from outside to survive until this Government took office in 2019.
We can see this Government is creating policies that is contributing to the national income and making money again for the country.
All Government policies are good, but if the policies do not create national income for the country, then the country will struggle and get loans to survive and will continue to repay the debt etc.
We must create a law, the National Income Policy, which will be a “thanksgiving policy”, where the eight million-plus Papua New Guinea give K20 freely to the Government for the services they provide freely. This money is not a tax payment to the State or any other State component, but given willingly under the law from all citizens regardless if you are working or not to contribute to the funds used to run the country. By doing this, we have extra money so the State can finance projects.
The National Income Policy is a good way to make every citizen work and so we can have no school leavers left behind, but continue to work and contribute to the National Income Policy (Thanksgiving) to the Government.

Christopher W Taweg