Govt has made court powerless

Letters, Normal

The National,Friday20January 2012

THE re-deportation of New Zealand businessman Graham Osborne at the Jackson Airport by immigration officials, ignoring a Supreme Court order for him to return tro PNG for trial is the beginning of more to come.
The supreme court has been made powerless by the O’Neill-Namah government.
A new chapter of institutional  corruption has emerged and this is the use or abuse of parliament to make retrospective laws to suit a desired outcome for the ruling regime.
The judiciary and the courts are slowly losing power and authority.
 The good Governor for NCD Powes Parkop seemed to justify their actions in a paid advertorial on their purported actions.
I would say Parkop you have set a very bad precedent where retrospective laws  would become the order of the day. Tell me is this the way future parliaments would be run?

Yapi Akore
Adelaide, SA