Govt House clears air on Queen’s stand

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The National, Tuesday 20th December 2011

THE office of the governor-general maintains that Sir Michael Ogio still holds that position.
Secretary Tiko Vuatha was asked to comment on speculation in the capital city that Speaker Jeffrey Nape had travelled to London to be confirmed by Queen Elizabeth II as her representative in Papua New Guinea.
It follows the suspension by parliament of Sir Michael after he refused to swear in the Peter O’Neill-led government.
The suspension was lifted yesterday after Sir Michael formally recognised O’Neill as prime minister.
Vuatha said they were unaware of a trip by Nape.
“There is nothing official as such, to my knowledge. We are surprised about such rumours. They are only rumours,” Vuatha said.
He also explained the normal procedure in the appointment of a governor-general.
“When the governor-general is appointed by National Executive Council (NEC), the NEC secretariat goes to Buckingham Palace to inform Her Majesty the Queen about the new appointment,’’ he said.
“The Governor-General-elect then travels to Buckingham Palace where the Queen, swears in to office her vice-regal, as the governor-general of PNG.”
This was conferred to Sir Michael Ogio about four months ago.