Govt House needs repairs

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GOVERNOR-General Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae is concerned about the dilapidated state of Government House which is estimated will cost K35 million to renovate.
He yesterday invited Treasury secretary Dairi Vele, National Planning secretary Koney Samuel and Finance Secretary Dr Ken Ngangan to Government House to see for themselves the condition it is in.
When he moved there in 2017, Sir Bob undertook to renovate the buildings and staff quarters, and fence the compound.
Sir Bob told the three secretaries that the existing infrastructures were built in the 1950s and 1960s during the colonial administration. The fencing built in the 1990s is falling apart.
He proposed that a new road into Government House be built for visitors including foreign dignitaries.
The access from the Poreporena Freeway and Harbour City in Konedobu is often busy with traffic.
The three senior public servants were shocked to see for themselves the sorry condition of the Government House and assured Sir Bob that they would attend to the matter.
“This is a very important institution and people’s impression of this place is reflected in how well we take care of our Governor-General,” Vele said.


  • In this time where PNG is cash strapped, it should be looking at other very needed infrastructures/facilities such as Education and Health. Let’s live within our means.

  • Someone concerned about his office and what about people needs. Have we put peoples needs as a priority thinks to do list.

  • This kind of renovation should have been done longtime ago. Now PNG is facing financial constraints and also unexpected budgets on covid-19 and etc… Leave this alone for future.

  • GOVT has a lot of cash in its accounts and that is why we are crying to live a comfortable life, hope you satisfy your wife , png is in a cash crisis mode, why cant you just live within your means until this covid 19 disappears and you can complain about your place..THIS IS SHIT.. ol man lo ples laikim medicine and education why na nogat ?????? we have idiots in our govt, who have cynical motive just to please a foreigner living within…

    you have a comfortable life, and you want more….????????????????? for once shut up , til PNGean lives are back to normal and you can pursue you ego..after this pandemic disappears…

  • Government house maintenance is not a priority now. Lets give priority to COVID-19 pandemic and the sorry state of our provincial Hospitals which MUST be maintained to save lives of our ordinary citizens. The Government House maintenance should have been done in previous years when politicians and department heads were syphoning of millions of kina in dubious deals done to benefit themselves from the public purse.

    Please lets get our priorities right here… maintain hospitals and save millions of lives or maintain Government House to show the World that we are rich with fancy Government house maintenance at the cost of lives of our ordinary citizens who are poor and struggling due to lack of proper Government services.

  • So the Government House will cost K35m to renovate??? Goodness what a fortune to be spent on renovations at the time when the economy is sinking deep in recession. Thanks to the SOE, now we wait to see if there is light at the end of the tunnel for this country that is being brought down by greed and corruption!

  • Do two things if the house falls apart: (i) Give its glory as a ceremonial building with a new look using pure traditional materials (except for the toilet seat of course); or (ii) suspend the monarchy/logohu system temporarily until some outstanding national debts are settled.

  • Can’t you guys see? It speaks volume of itself, your house/home reveals what type of person you are.
    If your house is in order, your life is in order?
    Since the Government house is all falling apart, sad to say but the reality is that our country is falling apart.
    May God help us. We need politicians with wisdom to run this Nation.

  • That K35 million should be diverted to build more schools and health centers to cater for future generation and prepare ourselves better for future disease.

  • Do we need a Governor General in PNG? I don’t think so: This concept is just Neo Colonialism legitimized. Its time we need to be free from continual contamination and be a country based on its own values and belief systems.

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