Govt is not kicking out students: PM


PRIME Minister James Marape says his Government is not “kicking out a million students from school” as claimed by his predecessor Peter O’Neill.
Marape was responding to a statement by O’Neill, who was notably absent during Thursday’s 2020 Budget, criticising the 50 per cent reduction in school fees for primary, high and secondary school students.
Marape is introducing a K200 million tertiary students loan scheme to which money from the Tuition Fee Free (TFF) funds will be diverted to.
“Under O’Neill’s watch, the ‘low quality’ free education policy was pushed,” Marape said.
“Contrary to what he is barking about, we are creating an avenue to address all children in our country, including those who leave schools.
“Under the previous PNC-led government, TFF was a ‘feel good headline’ for political convenience.
“The unreported reality was that the full money was never reaching schools.
“Corrupt middlemen and their cronies syphoned off millions.
“Low quality education was evident with more students dropping off at grades eight, 10 and12.”


  • Where in the budget does it say Govt is kicking students out?

    This budget by the PMJM government is a hard but honest budget based on realities, it is about sharing responsibilities between parents and the government in the development of the country.

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