Govt looking at reviving school of excellence, says Maru


Minister for National Planning and Monitoring Richard Maru says the Government is looking at reviving the school of excellence concept to improve education quality.
Maru announced this during the 35th graduation ceremony of Passam National High School in East Sepik last week.
He said the Government was serious about improving the quality of education in all national high schools and that it did not help that most of these schools had run-down facilities that were not conducive for learning.
The school of excellence concept was approved in 2009 by the National Executive Council with Sorgeri, Passam, Kerevat, Aiyura, Port Moresby and Wawin national high schools and Kabiufa Secondary School.
It started in 2013 but was abandoned in 2015 after it was realised that the concept was not achieving its purpose to select top students from the endorsed schools and send them overseas under government scholarships to train for specific skills and bring them back to work under a five to six-year programme.

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