Govt must curb drug, alcohol abuse for a better PNG

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The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013

 I SALUTE and praise the current government for doing a great job in coming up with strategies and policies which will mould PNG into a great nation. 

Unlike others, the O’Neill Government is truly an administration for the people.

But as a health worker, what is disturbing to me is what the future would be like if we let the practice of drug and alcohol abuse go on. 

In my job, I see even children as young  as five taking alcohol and drugs.

The government has to come up with strategies and policies to ban, remove and completely eradicate the root causes of social problems that are so prevalent in this country. 

Even law enforcers have been seen on several occasions taking drugs and alcohol. 

Rape, murder, accidents, HIV/AIDS, anti-social behaviour and disharmony in the community are all associated with drug and alcohol abuse which lead to mental problems. 

When a person has a healthy mind, he/she will be a better person in the community and will respect other human beings.

But when a person is unhealthy or has mental problems, he/she will act more like an animal and that is exactly what is happening today in our society. 

The death penalty is not the answer, but we have to remove and eradicate drug and alcohol abuse in the country by imposing tougher penalties such as 20-30 years of imprisonment for cultivators, producers and sellers of drugs and homebrew. 

The government is looking at the leaves of the tree, but not the roots. 

Ban  drug and alcohol  abuse. By doing so, we will effect changes for a better, healthier, happier and wiser PNG. 


Lucas Tengen

Via email