Govt must cure our sick health sector

Letters, Normal

I REFER to your recent reports quoting Dr Thomas Vinit about the non-inclusion of health in the Vision 2050.
As the technical adviser of the lifestyle diseases unit of the Health Department, Dr Vinit knows what is he talking about.
How can the country be happy and prosperous as envisaged by the vision statement when its people are not healthy or leading a healthy lifestyle?
While many of us are aware that the handful of rich people can seek treatment overseas, the majority of us have to put up with the poor and rundown medical facilities.
Our doctors may be good and skilful, but they are often let down by a lack of modern equipment.
Take a look at Port Moresby General Hospital, the premier hospital.
It would not be called a GH in Indonesia, maybe a district hospital, let’s leave Australia out.
The Government must seriously look into the health sector urgently.


Port Moresby