Govt must get its priorities right

Letters, Normal

During benediction at the St Mathew’s Lutheran church at North Goroka last Sunday, church president Patrol Maino delivered a very powerful speech regarding hypocrisy by our politicians and bureaucrats.
Mr Maino, who is also the principal of the Goroka Technical College, said: “Kapis, Kapis, Kapis, if the government can hold an emergency meeting to allocate K3 million to fund police operations to recapture William Kapis, why can’t the same government allocate money to buy Bibles for everyone in PNG?”
I support Mr Maino.
Of the 109 MPs we have in Parliament, I would say that 95% of them are hypocrites.
If our leaders are indeed leaders, they would have been holding emergency meetings to:
* Allocate money to buy and distribute bibles and other bible-related literature to everyone in PNG; 
* Allocate 10% of the government’s annual budget to all churches in PNG;
* Allocate sufficient money to purchase medical drugs for all our hospitals, health centres and clinics, besides increasing medical workers’ pay by 200%;
* Increase the police strength to 50,000 in light of the LNG project and many mineral discoveries;
* Address our law and order problems;
* Allocate money to rehabilitate, repair and stabilise the deteriorating Highlands Highway;
* Allocate money to build stadiums in Goroka, Kundiawa, Mt Hagen, Wabag, Mendi, Kerema, Kokopo, Buka, Kavieng, Kimbe, Lae and Madang; and
* Sell the Falcon jet because it is serving only one person.


John Supa