Govt must improve police’s pay package

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THIS is really depressing but what I saw with my own eyes is happening in Hohola.
If it is happening in this suburb, it may be happening elsewhere.
Many police officers stationed there seem to be lured by personal possessions like mobile phones, MP3s, shoes and automated teller machine (ATM) bank cards.
ATM bank cards are used “as hostages” where “ransoms” of K100 and above, depending on who you are, are demanded for their safe return.
Other items are either being sold or end up as their personal items.
Even drunk passengers in a taxicab are dragged out and beaten before their pockets are emptied.
Such actions by the policemen have caused fear among the innocent public.
The behaviour of these rogue policemen are no better than common criminals.
The sudden surge came about following Police Commissioner Gari Baki’s instruction to end all forms of escort services.
The only way to end this madness is, I believe, for the government to improve the pay package of our policemen.

Duwigon Iyampon
Port Moresby