Govt must solve law and order woes

Letters, Normal

The National

IT is time the Government look more closely into the law and order problems in the country.
The rates of killings, rapes, looting, etc, have increased tremendously throughout the country.
What are the police doing?
Some of our politicians sometimes come up with “great” ideas.
Can’t they offer something this time around? Their silence is deafening.
Imagine Madang, the so-called beautiful town, is now becoming a haven for criminals, murderers, to be precise.
Recently, the provincial police commander Supt Anthony Wagambie Jr said he lacked manpower, fuel and vehicles.
How can the Government allow this to happen?
The safety of the people of PNG is no longer guaranteed.
Do we have to live a life of insecurity and fear?
Do we have to constantly look behind us every time we go to work, send our children to schools, go shopping, go to the park or the beach?
How are we going to attract investors and tourists if their safety is at risk?
Please look into the law and order problems and come up with constructive measures.
Let us move forward, not backward.