Govt not changing outcome-based education system: Minister

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THE Government will not deviate from the current education policy to reintroduce the standard-based education system in the country.
Minister for Education Joseph Yopyyopy told Parliament yesterday that while so much had been spent on outcome-based education, particularly the elementary sector, the Government’s decision remained, that all schools in the country should fully implement the policy by end of next year.
Markham MP Koni Iguan wanted the Government to reconsider its decision to bring back the elementary school system as many MPs and parents had spent a lot of money into building elementary schools throughout the country.
He also said the elementary schools were established closer to the villages while the elementary school teachers had spent a lot of money to get themselves trained.
However, he said with the phasing out of the elementary schools, the hard work of the parents, and the resources spent on training elementary teachers, would be a waste with the reintroduction of standard-based education.
Chimbu Governor Michael Dua said elementary schools were well established and rooted in the education system and reverting to the old system was not good and the Government should not try to change things around. Yopyyopy said the standard of education in the country had dropped drastically.
He said children who had come through the outcome-based education system could not even speak or write in good English language.
He said because of the drop in the standard, the O’Neill-government had phased out the outcome-based education system and reintroduced the standard-based education system which was a universal learning process for all schools in the country.
He said many of the educated population like the members of Parliament have come out through the old system and they want the standard based education to be reintroduced in the country.
The minister said he would present a ministerial statement in this session of parliament.


  • Elementary education system can stay but teacher’s qualifications and level of education be upgraded to certain degree. Current elementary teachers can’t even speak English so that prompts downfall of education level…

  • OBE should be done away with and bring back SBE for the better of our children. The quality of education in this country has dropped badly when OBE was introduced. There is moral Breakdown of Disapline in all schools. Student in elementary schools are thought tok ples and tok pidgin and when they come to lower primary, the are confused. The quality of written English or spoken are very poor compared to those that came out of SBE curriculum. Also there are so many elementary schools mushrooming around the country to benefit from Government free education policy and alot of misuse of funds has been reported . Nowadays kids grew up with pidgin and partly english from their parents and ready to go to prep and grade one when they are at age 6 or 7. Elementary school is unnecessary and costly exercise for the government. Now that the government is more focus on reducing corruption, free education needs to be abolished to let parent take some responsibility to pay school fees . With free education ,misuse and abuse of funds is more frequent in elementary, primary and secondary schools. Therefore bring back SBE and let parent pay 50% of the fees and government pay 50%. for quality education for our children.

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