Govt, Opposition wasted last 5 years


THE last five years in Papua New Guinea was a political blunder for the country as both the Government and Opposition continued to spend time fighting for political power.
Papua New Guineans have been crying for better roads and bridges, wharves and jetties, airstrips, health centres and schools.
There are many issues that needs addressing such as high unemployment and high tax rates with poor minimum wage.
The parliament being adjourned to Aug 10 seems to me as if those in the Government are in fear of another motion of no confidence.
They have ignored the need to discuss many important issues.
Treasurer Ian Ling-Stuckey’s confirmation of K5.7 billion loan on Tuesday in response to questions raised by former Prime Minister Peter O’Neill on the Covid-19 loan to PNG, is a massive amount that will repaid by our children.
That needs to be explained clearly.
Our leaders should always put the interests of the country first instead of their political agenda and other interests.
An elected leader is a servant of the people and shouldn’t serve his/her own interests other than that of the people.
We should be strong and be united against corruption. The last five years were truly a wasted opportunity as the Government and the Opposition spent more time in court.
We need better leaders who are God-fearing and can represent our people’s interest rather than serving their own.
It is important that we choose the right leaders in next year’s national general election.
It is up to us.

Samson C Napo,
Former Bulolo MP