Govt should focus more on health


I HAVE heard the Government preach about improving the public health system for so many years.
I have written countless reports to prime ministers and health ministers in regards to funding for the public health system.
And, last Friday, I was awakened to this harsh reality in hospital – a cracked ceiling, a missing fan above my head.
There are no curtains, not even doors on the toilets or bathrooms.
It makes me wonder why are Papua New Guineans who seem to love to protest over every little thing are not protesting for their basic rights to healthcare.
We pay tax so that Government can provide such services but yet we stay quiet and accept all these?
Last Thursday, I waited for nearly an hour to be transferred from the emergency department to Ward 9 at the Susu Mama Clinic, because there wasn’t enough trolley beds to move patients around.
Why aren’t there enough trolley beds? We can’t depend on charity.
The Government must ensure that such basic things are there in the hospital for its citizens to use!
That’s why they are the Government for goodness sake.
They can spend millions of kina to travel but can’t buy basic things for its hospitals and if this is in Port Moresby- I can only imagine what it’s like in the provinces.

Rebecca Kuku