Govt should interfere in Hela tribal fights


MY dearest brothers and sisters, each day brings us profound grief and sorrow.
The memories of good old days in Hela gets thinner.
The tidal wave of lawlessness has flooded our beautiful land and our people are drowning in unbearable and unbelievable ways.
The level of torture and harm leading to eventual killing is unthinkable.
Hela has seen growth and increase of young savages and cold killers throughout the width and breadth of its vast land of prophecy.
Those who have been killed are gone but those killers who remain alive are classic dead living.
All have been poisoned and are damaged goods.
I find it hard to sleep these days when I see images of dead people killed in unimaginable ways in our new province.
A Hela man killing another Hela man is not a good story.
There appears to be a generational curse. That curse is on the leaders (everyone inclusive) down to the little man on the land.
The curse appears to have hit its high note or may be not yet.
Hela is in total darkness.
It appears that we have not managed the curse well.
Those who have a hand in allowing the curse to manifest will perish.
In fact, we have seen with our own eyes.
It’s happening and will happen.
A wise man will stop the spreading of the curse.
Similarly, a wise population will rise up and stop the spread.
The good thing about curse is, man has the ultimate power to stop and manage it.
You and me, our people, everyone has that power to stop it. How and when are questions I leave to the beholder?
My brothers and sisters, no man has died for hunger of money but millions have died in starvation of food and billions have perished in starvation of quality leadership.
Hela needs leadership from the villages, civil servants, law enforcers and finally elected representatives.
Our primary duty is to save a life, just one life.
If many lives are lost, then our existence as leaders is hollow and empty.
In my 10 years as MP and seven months as Governor, I saw abundant peace.
Yes, we had small fights here and there but they were manageable.
What is happening now in Hela is frightening.
It is clear that the Hela government has ran out of ideas, policies and steam on containing lawlessness in Hela.
The Government’s heavy hands should now come down on all law breakers, especially life-takers.
All guns and ammunitions should be confiscated.
Voluntary surrenders should be encouraged.
The Government should intervene before more lives are lost; before our ways of life are forever altered and impaired.

Francis Potape,
Former Komo-Magarima MP
and Former Governor Hela