Govt should recognise church-run universities

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday March 13th, 2014

 I REFER to a graduation notice by Jubilee University (The National, Mar 7), stating that the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) has not accepted its invitation to attend. 

The TSC chairman is not aware of any invitation and as such has not accepted any invitation from the Assembly of God (AOG)-run private institution. 

Secondly, TSC, as employer of more than 51,000 teachers in the country, has not been admitting teaching graduates from Jubilee University or other private training institutions like Bismarch Teachers’ College. 

While the country continues to face teacher shortage, we must be grateful for church agencies like AOG that tries to assist the government in this issue. 

If the government, through the office of higher education, recognises AOG-run institutions as universities, then TSC will admit its graduates into the teaching service. 


Joe Nava