Govt should step up in making country safe


A LETTER writer this week said the eviction exercises recently in Port Moresby and Lae violate human rights.
Basic rights of many Papua New Guineans are violated everyday by thugs from settlements almost everywhere in the country.
There’s theft in the streets, in public places, at bus stops, in the market, in the hospital, at school and on public roads.
Where is the justice in that?
When police arrest such people and lock them up, there’s always an easy way out.
The cycle then continues.
There is always someone else in a settlement that will do the same thing.
These communities, although formed for a different reason, are becoming a breeding ground for criminals and law breakers.
Those people make it unsafe for other citizens who want to live in peace.
It is about time we let the Government step in and use its power to make Papua New Guinea safe for everyone.

Concerned Citizen,