Govt staff told not to disrupt services

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The National,Friday June 10th, 2016

THE Government has warned civil servants involved in disrupting public service that they will face disciplinary action.
Department of Personnel Management John Kali said public servants must stay out of the dispute between University of PNG students, the police and the Government.
He said leaders of public service unions had been advised to continue providing services to the people.
“Public servants received clear instructions not to support what’s happening at universities throughout the country,” he said. “We are loyal and fully-fledged public servants and we are highly educated citizens of this country.
“Those public servants who are leaders of the public sector unions also know their responsibilities. They have been informed that they should conduct themselves in the right way.
“They are also holding public offices as union leaders therefore must exercise their rights as union leaders only on matters which affect the interest of their members – things that relate to industrial matters. “So strictly speaking, all the public sector union leaders and public sector leaders are also supportive of maintaining normalcy as usual.
“For those union leaders who have been inciting some public servants or supporting students, the department heads concerned have been informed that necessary disciplinary actions will be taken against those people.
“They should not be engaged in anything that is going to disrupt services to the public.”