Govt standing by church


PRIME Minister James Marape says his Government will continue to support the public-churches partnership programme throughout Papua New Guinea.
Marape made the announcement in front of hundreds who turned up from nearby villages and islands to witness the opening of the Seven day church at Bundrahie village in Manus on Monday.
He said since churches supported the Government to provide basic services such as health, youth and education, his administration aimed to reciprocate.
“I thank the churches throughout PNG for their ongoing assistance in contributing to our health and education systems, including the provision of youth programmes, which are largely helping our young people,” he said.
“Churches play a significant role in our communities and deserve to be appreciated by our governments, now and in the future.”
Marape thanked the Bundrahie people for their commitment in constructing a modern place of worship and urged them to take ownership of the church building.
“Bundrahei people like many church organisations continue to show the way that our people can do something on their own without waiting for the government.”
Marape also acknowledged Manus governor Charlie Benjamin and the speaker of parliament and Manus MP Job Pomat for the proper use of their provincial and district services improvement programme funds.
Marape also thanked the SDA church for its ongoing support in communities such as Bundrahei and throughout the nation.
“It is in such remote areas that you find Christian churches at active.
“ The churches work in serving our people with total uncontaminated services and our Marape government looks forward to partner all churches in serving our people,” Marape said.
Marape is the second PM to visit Bundrahei village.
The first was Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare in 1983, when he visited and opened the Bundrahei High School.

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