Govt to announce how census will link with NID project


THE Government is to announce soon how the national census this year will be conducted to link with the National Identity and Civil Registry Project.
Prime Minister James Marape told Parliament that provinces and districts would participate in the census and NID would piggy-back on the programme.
He said the intention by NID was good to account for every citizen but the application or programme had gone off a bit and was quite messy.
Marape said National Planning and Monitoring Minister Sam Basil had taken the project on board to streamline and make it more effective and easily accessible.
“We’ve asked the provincial governments and districts to partner with us in actually conducting these activities.
“We already have agents of government on the ground through the provincial government system and through the district offices.
“Census and NID will all be part of our generic activities every year in all of our government systems at districts and provinces.”

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