Govt to grant people’s wish to be independent

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THE Government has recognised the wish of the people of Bougainville for independence and Prime Minister James Marape will pursue the path outlined in the 2001 Bougainville Peace Agreement to achieve this.
“This should see Parliament deal with the referendum result,” he said.
The Joint Consultative Body (JCB) meeting was held in Arawa, Bougainville on Friday attended by Marape and some Cabinet ministers.
Marape and Autonomous Bougainville Government President Ismael Toroama reaffirmed their commitment to the implementation of the peace agreement.
“Today was very historic – our first JCB after the referendum,” Marape said.
“For President Toroama, this was his first JCB after assuming the presidency and I must admit, he did exceptionally well.
“He knew what he wanted for Bougainville.
“His agenda was fixed.”
He said the commitment to peace in the 2001 Peace Agreement had been laid out.
Toroama described the JCB meeting as an “honourable moment”. He said Marape had “truly embraced” the 2001 Bougainville Peace Agreement by having the JCB meeting.
“I really want to say that it’s an honourable moment,” he said.
“At the same time, we have set tasks for ourselves, in how we can work together in reaching that understanding.
“I really want to reflect on the point of the last 20 years, which is the drawdown of powers.”
He thanked Marape on behalf of the people of Bougainville.
“This is a step forward and there is another big challenge coming,” Toroma said
“I’m confident that whatever happens, the outcome of the consultations will reflect the joint efforts that we have taken together.”


  • PM, be very careful what you said. Island Provinces want to be independence and Hela want to be independence etc. PNG is made up of different ethical groups and culture and resources.

  • It is a funny sort of Independence when the breakaway Nation of just 300000 people wants K100 million annually until 2030. Moresby has bigger population

    Like a son wants to live independently from mum and dad but asks them to fund him for ten years.

    PNG has been a beggar to Australia since its so called Independence 45 years ago

  • Becoming an Independent nation in North Solomon Province, now Autonomous Region of Bougainville was architected since 1950s. Most PNGians lack research in this agenda. It’s a case set by their Political forefathers, even before We, PNG gain Independence in 1975.
    North Solomon was planning a secession just before 1975. That was the birth of Provincial Governments in 1973. Grater Autonomy was granted to North Solomon and other Provinces as well.
    Second tier, Government was Abolished in late 1990s. The days of Provincial Government as per the Organic Law was gone, done and dusted.
    This was the avenue, to reintroduced North Solomon Province agenda, besides the Bougainville crisis. They have a dream, that one day Bougainville will be a state. It was also stipulated in the PNG Constitution that North Solomon Province, may one day gain Greater Autonomy.
    I believe many of us, PNGians may have our own opinions. But opinions are opinions. Let time tell.

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