Govt to reveal Covid-19 costs in Parliament next month

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PRIME Minister James Marape says a government audit of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) expenditure will be made known to the country during next month’s Parliament sitting.
However, Marape said the distribution of the funding and the spending of the monies had yet to be acquitted, particularly from the provincial health authorities which had yet to be cited by the Government.
“I will be able to inform the country where we have spent and about the acquittals. We have asked for acquittals, some (PHAs) have acquitted and some have not,” he said.
“I want to make things clear, K5.7 billion spending as stated by many is not correct, the money was to support the budget this year and last year.
“About K500 million was specifically for the Covid-19 expenditure and those have been distributed to the provinces, provincial health authorities and the National Control Centre. A total report will be done in November.
“The funds have been spread in four different disbursements points; the Health Department and the PHA and the operational expenditure at the National Control Centre and the districts and provinces.
“These are the main areas where funds have been disbursed.”
Marape said the next run of disbursements would not be distributed throughout the districts or provinces but would allocated following approved plans.
“This plan will include additional bed spaces and other much needed equipment and supplies,” he said.