Govt to review boundary plan

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The National, Thursday July 25th, 2013

 THE Boundaries Commission Report (2003-2004) will be reviewed, Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion says.

Dion, the Regional MP for East New Britain, said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had already instructed the Inter-Government Relations Department and Electoral Commission to revisit provinces and gauge views. The reviewed report will then be brought back to Parliament.

Gazelle district is one of the biggest electorates in the country, with a population of more than 130,000. 

“A policy decision was formalised by the ENB provincial government for Gazelle to be split into two and that must be looked at by the Government,” he said.

“The review is not necessarily to create more electorates but to look individually at districts such as Gazelle. A proper decision must be made before an extra electorate must come into fruition.”

Gazelle MP Malakai Tabar, who is chairman of the Commission of Law Reform Constitution, said they would organise consultations in all provinces.

“All community leaders in the affected area must take part in the review process,” Tabar said.

Tabar said the proposed new electorate will comprise Sinivit, inland Baining and Lassul Baining. The three main LLGs of Livuan-Reimber, Toma-Vunadidir and Central Gazelle will remain in Gazelle.

Wards to be removed from Gazelle include two from Balanataman LLG in Rabaul district, eight from Raluana LLG in Kokopo district and two from Sinivit in Pomio district.

Tabar said there was a huge task of improving the district’s database after the LLG elections were concluded.