Govt told to address rise in money schemes


NUKU MP Joe Sungi has called on the Government to address the ongoing issue of money schemes and pyramid schemes.
Sungi told Parliament that it was their duty as parliamentary leaders to protect the people from being victims of fraud.
“These money schemes and pyramid schemes are not just ripping off public servants and people in the cities,” he said.
“It is spreading like wildfire and has reached the rural areas and villagers who have signed
up and are wasting their hard-earned money on these money schemes.
“We have to start putting in tougher laws to protect our people as many of our people, especially those from the villages are not educated that they are easily falling victims to these money schemes and pyramids.”
Sungi also called on the Government to provide alternatives for the people so that they did not fall victims to the scams.
“The Government must provide avenues for the people to get money or borrow money to start up their own businesses or to buy houses and land,” he said.
“We keep talking about rural banks and SME bank and yet the reality is that many of our people are not able to get loans from the bank we say is for them.”
Sungi said the Government must start taking the issue seriously and toughen the laws and also ensure that there are alternatives for people to get funding.