Govt urged to take violence seriously

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The Government needs to take ownership and show commitment towards addressing issues of all forms of violence against women and children, a counsellor says.
Director PNG Counselling and Consultation Service Allan Tagai called on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Minister for Information and Communication Jimmy Miringtoro to address violence against women and children.
Tagai said it was the Government’s obligation to fight domestic violence and violence of all forms but little attention was given to this issue.
“This is the third week since the programme, Common Ground on FM 100 has been off air and I’d like to appeal to the minister and prime minister to come out and state the government’s stand and commitment on the fight against domestic violence.
“That is the flagship programme and yet the state- owned entity cannot continue it so is this the kind of commitment that the government shows,” he said.
Tagai said international media had approached him for an interview, having learnt through the local media about the statistics of all forms of violence in the country.
“I’m holding back interviews with international media. They are already interested in the number of cases of domestic violence and all forms of violence in this country,” he said.
Tagai, who has been running the radio programme Common Ground for over three months, says it has created an avenue for people to seek help and counseling and yet the State-owned entity’s radio station saw it fit to disallow it for reasons only known to them.
“I want to appeal to Minister Miringtoro and prime minister to look into this because where is the government’s commitment towards domestic violence when the State-owned entity cannot allow the radio programme to continue.
“The government has to come clear on why the state owned entity cannot even carry this important radio programme which was providing an avenue for the victims and sufferers of all forms of violence against women and children.
“This is the government’s obligation in the fight against domestic violence; this must be government’s commitment.”

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