Govt urged to help civil groups

National, Normal

The National, Friday, 27th May 2011

CORRUPTION and graft have become so prominent today that the much talked-about Vision 2050 will not be realised, Tom Nomalan Foundation Inc chairman, William Tom said.
He said Vision 2050 would only be realised if the government part-funded civil sectors involved in carrying out developmental projects.
He said corruption and graft were widespread, deeply-rooted, systematic and pandemic in the country.
He said it was time the government and the civil sector worked together for the common good of the people.
Tom suggested the government commit at least K10 million annually to part-fund the civil sector involved in implementing community projects.
He said what the nation needed was broad-based strategic measures to reduce graft and corruption and drive good governance, accountability, and transparency as pillared in the Vision 2050.
He said the people had already lost faith in the government and the most reliable, effective and result-driven solution where the people’s trust in the government could be restored was to involve the civil sector.
He said working NGOs, churches and community groups would help reduce corruption.