Govt urged to help youths

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The National,Friday23 December 2011

UPNG journalism
The answer to the law and order problems, ills of society and the nation’s economic woes lies in the youths of today, youth advocate and farmer Ignatius Gena says.
Gena, an agriculturalist from Watabung in Eastern Highlands said the answer to the nation’s problems lay in the youths of today and not in reinforcing the law enforcing agencies, HIV/AIDS, LNG project or free education.
“The youths of today pose a great threat and a challenge to our economy,” he said.
He said youths were prime tools waiting to be used by the communities and could be cultivated to contribute to nation-building.
He said unemployment was the single biggest issue to tackle, especially in urban centres where a growing number of youths could be found roaming the streets.
Gena said the government should set up a textile industry “as it is not a complicated skilled job to lessen the youth unemployment rate”.
“If countries like Korea and Brazil can do it, we can do it too,” Gena said.