Govt urged to improve POMGH equipment

National, Normal

THE Government needs to maintain all the health facilities before it can accommodate modern medical equipment that specialist doctors need to treat patients, PNG Medical Society president Dr Mathias Sapuri said.
He was responding to an article last week which said knowledge transfer between visiting Chinese doctors had been hampered due to lack of equipment at the Port Moresby General Hospital (POMGH). 
“We, as a nation, need to introduce new technology (in hospitals), but first we need to fix the basic problems,” Dr Sapuri said.
He said Papua New Guinean doctors who were trained overseas could utilise their skills if modern medical equipment were available here.
“The POMGH has got to have equipment in place. If we have a plan, we can budget to buy equipment,” he said.
He was pleased with the Chinese government for their assistance in the health sector and thanked the specialist doctors for teaching the medical students and the registrars.
“I support the minister on his plan to have the Chinese team of doctors work in other provinces as well because getting people to come and work in the country is our biggest problem,” he said.