Govt urged to include churches


PENTECOSTAL church pastor Luke John says technology is doing little to save lives and urged the Government to include churches as a key partner in the fight against the coronavirus (Covid-19).
Ps John, from Southern Highlands’ Pangia, said the Covid-19 was affecting lives and properties, cash flow, economy, education, health and the livelihood of the people. “This shows what man do, God can do, and He can save this nation from any deadly disease such as the Covid-19,” he said.
“Papua New Guinea is a Christian nation and leaders from all levels, with the people, should put their trust and focus in God.”
Ps John said anything that was seen impossible was always possible with God, and so, the church and Government should work together to deal with it.
“The God that PNG serves is always there and churches should pray and ask Him for His healing and deliverance over this nation,” he said.
“As we are confidently aware and feel the presence of God at this time of the pandemic, we would like to inform the public that with the power of God, PNG can defeat the virus.
“During the first lockdown, I was given the opportunity to speak on the radio talk back programme and declared that God alone could handle this situation.
“After the talk, I even informed Prime Minister James Marape and some State ministers that the Government needed the churches to fight the Covid -19.
“Papua New Guinea is facing so many crises in the economic sector, business, cash flow and sufferings affecting almost the entire population.”