Govt urged to pay landowners claims

National, Normal


THE Government must diligently settle outstanding payments and other entitlements it inked in the memorandum of understanding (MoU) with landowners.
PNG land and resource owners federation president John Endemongo Kua said the Government must start making some responsible decisions to address the grievances of resource owners.
“There have been far too many dissatisfaction expressed by resource owners over outstanding issues related to the MoU on seed capital, development grants, environmental damages and resources.
“The Government has failed to handle all issues diligently and responsibly.
“Any resource derived from the land belongs to them and due process must be adhered to for maximum benefit to the resources owners.
“The Government, through the Department of Petroleum and Energy (DPE) and Finance, has failed the resource owners and as a result disgruntled landowners are not protesting in front of Government offices.
“If the Government had honoured their commitment, this would not be  happening,” he added.
Angry Angore and Hides landowners of the LNG project areas hurled stones at the DPE office in Konedobu recently for delaying payments.