Govt urged to screen road contractors carefully

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A PMV owner and driver in the Usino-Bundi district has urged the Government to award road contracts to competent and reliable contractors who can deliver a good job.
“The Gusap to Usino-Bundi section of the Ramu-Madang Highway was completed very quickly.
“However, it is also fast deteriorating due to poor maintenance,” RT Kuazi said.
He said the Government should screen tenders thoroughly before awarding contracts because many contractors do not have the capacity to deliver effectively”.
“I pay tax and fees to use the road and the Government should make it its business to engage
reputable contractors to build durable and long lasting roads.
“There are other places in the country that need roads, and in order to provide service to these isolated people, the Government should engage companies that can maintain or construct roads and other infrastructure to last decades,” he s aid.
Mr Kuazi said the current contractor had two years yet to complete some minor maintenance work on the Usino-Bundi link.
“The road is also deteriorating fast due to poor worksmanship,” he added.
“Vehicle owners pay to use the road but our vehicles are damaged by the poor road conditions,” Mr Kuazi said.
He also wanted the Department of Works to supervise the work carried out by the contractor to ensure thorough and quality work done.