Govt will allocate K6mil to develop township, says PM

From left: Imbonggu MP Pila Niningi, Prime Minister James Marape and his wife Rachael Marape walking to the grandstand during the opening of the Imbonggu Community Development Centre in Southern Highlands on Friday.

THE Imbonggu district headquarters at Walume, Southern Highlands, is ready to become a town with government offices, business houses and other offices, says Prime Minister James Marape.
He said the Government would support the district’s development authority achieve it.
Marape said big development changes at the district headquarters was the dream of MP Pila Niningi and the Government would provide K6 million to pay off landowners so that the township can be expanded.
“The Government is for the rural population, for people involved in the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) activities to expand.
“We need the National Development Bank (NDB) to be established near the police station, the provincial government must fund K2 million, Imbonggu DDA K1 million, the Government and NDB will fund K6 million,” Marape said.
“This Government is focused on empowering people, especially the informal sector.
“For many years they have missed out participating in business activities.
“Unlike other districts, the Imbonggu DDA has proven to the nation that it can become a main commercial centre in Southern Highlands and its efforts to attract investors will not be a waste, it is capable with its excellent management team.” Speaking during the opening of the Imbonggu Community Development Centre at Walume, Imbonggu, on Friday, Marape said the rural population could not become second class or labourers of politicians and public servants on their own land.
He said they needed financial support to participate in SME activities and NDB would help them to prosper.
Last year, he said, the Government spent K200 million, this year another K200 million and next year and onwards there will be K200 million funding for SMEs.
“The DDA’s plan, under the leadership of Niningi, to turn Walume into a town is vital as it is the corridor to the Gulf-Southern Highlands highway that will be opened soon.”
“We have the Western Pacific University there, the Government funded K10 million last year, another K10 million this year and it will continue to fund K10 million every year. Minister Niningi has the dream to turn the district headquarters into a commercial centre and improve education institutions, one vital institution he talks about is technical college.
“I am pleased to announce that a K5 million funding will be made available to establish the Yombi Technical College.”